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What Exactly are Microlights? ...and What's the difference?

The vast sky is home to various flying machines, each offering a unique experience. At Athey's Moor Flying School, we specialise in the world of microlights, providing an intimate and thrilling flying experience.

Microlight fixed wing aircraft
Our Eurostar EV97

What is a Microlight?

Microlights, are lightweight and agile aircraft, offering a raw and exhilarating flying experience. Until recently the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) classified a microlight as an aircraft with a maximum total weight of 450kg for two-seaters (300kg for single-seaters). However, they recently increased this to include a 600kg classification, meaning aircrafts like our Skyranger Swift 600kg variant can operate at higher weights. This not only allows us to train a broader range of students but also offers a pathway to gain credits towards a PPL. Whether you're flying our Eurostar EV-97 or the Skyranger Swift, microlights promise an unmatched intimacy with the skies.

Fixed-Wing vs. Flex-Wing Microlights

While both types offer a unique flying experience, fixed-wing microlights resemble small conventional planes with a rigid structure. In contrast, flex-wing microlights have a hang-glider type wing with a 'trike' unit suspended underneath.

The Aircrafts We Operate at Athey's Moor

At Athey's Moor, we pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art microlights that ensure safety and provide breathtaking views of Northumberland's landscapes.

Eurostar EV-97

A popular choice among enthusiasts, the Eurostar EV-97 is known for its stability, comfort, and modern technology. It offers a panoramic view, making it perfect for sightseeing flights.

Skyranger Swift 600kg Variant

Aligned with the new CAA 600kg classification, the Skyranger Swift 600kg variant is a game-changer. It allows us to train heavier students and offers a pathway for them to gain credits towards their PPL.

The New CAA 600kg Classification and Its Benefits

The new CAA 600kg classification has revolutionised microlight training. It not only allows for training heavier students but also provides a seamless pathway for students to transition and gain credits towards their Private Pilot's Licence (PPL).

Why Choose Microlights Over Traditional Planes?

While we don't operate traditional planes at Athey's Moor, microlights offer a unique advantage. They're cost-effective, agile, and provide an unparalleled closeness to nature. With the advancements in microlight technology and classifications, they're becoming a popular choice for both novice and experienced pilots.

Embracing the Future of Flight at Athey's Moor

Microlights are the future of intimate flying experiences. Whether you're looking to start your journey in aviation or seeking a thrilling adventure over Northumberland, Athey's Moor Flying School is the place to be.


1. What's the main difference between fixed-wing and flex-wing microlights?

- Fixed-wing microlights have a rigid structure resembling small planes, while flex-wing ones have a hang-glider type wing.

2. Can I transition from microlight training to a PPL?

- Absolutely! With our Skyranger Swift 600kg variant and the new CAA classification, students can gain credits towards their PPL.

3. Do I need prior flying experience to train on a microlight?

- No, we cater to both beginners and experienced pilots.

4. How safe are microlights?

- Our microlights adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring a secure flying experience.

5. Can I gift a microlight flying experience at Athey's Moor?

- Certainly! We offer gift vouchers, making for a memorable present.

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