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Arriving by AIR

Before arrival please contact us for PPR, there are no landing fees as such, but we do have a Donations Box for our support of UNICEF.

If you benefit from our field, your contribution will be appreciated.


Please use 129.830 on approach to announce intent

Please call blind on frequency 129.830 for air-air information on movements and always keep a visual look-out, other pilots may be using different frequencies. Eshott 122.85 is nearby and we have frequent visitors who stay on this frequency and forget to change.


We have a circuit pattern - overhead join at 2,000 ft

We have a strict circuit pattern in operation to avoid particular areas of the locality. Please join overhead at 2,000 ft and enter the circuit, circuit height is 1,500 ft. Full details are available on SkyDemon. 


We have 3 active runways please approach carefully

To cater for most weather conditions have 3 active runways they are: 

21 RH / 03 LH - 510m

26 RH / 08 LH - 550m

32 RH / 14 LH - 545m

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