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Top 10 Flight Landmarks in Northumberland: A Bird's-Eye View of Beauty

Northumberland, with its rich history and diverse landscapes, offers some of the most captivating aerial views. Join us as we journey through the top 10 scenic flight routes, blending natural beauty with historical intrigue.

Northumberland's iconic castles
Iconic Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland
1. Hadrian's Wall:

Fly over the remnants of this ancient Roman fortification, built in AD 122 during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Stretching 73 miles from coast to coast, it stands as a testament to Roman engineering and the northern boundary of their empire.

2. Bamburgh Castle:

Perched on a basalt outcrop, this iconic castle dates back to the 6th century. From the air, witness the majestic castle juxtaposed against the azure backdrop of the North Sea.

3. The Cheviot Hills:

The highest point in Northumberland, the Cheviot stands at 815 meters. These rolling hills, formed from volcanic lava around 400 million years ago, offer a serene and undulating aerial landscape.

4. Alnwick Castle:

Dating back to 1096, this castle has witnessed numerous historical events and even served as a filming location for the Harry Potter series. Its sprawling grounds and medieval architecture are a sight to behold from the skies.

5. Kielder Water and Forest:

The largest man-made lake in Northern Europe, Kielder Water, is surrounded by the largest forest in England, spanning 250 square miles. The intertwining of water and woodland offers a mesmerizing aerial view.

6. Holy Island and Lindisfarne Castle:

Accessible only during low tide via a causeway, this tidal island boasts the Lindisfarne Castle, built in 1550. The island's unique topography and historical significance make it a must-see from the air.

7. Northumberland Coast AONB:

Stretching 40 miles, this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty offers a diverse coastal landscape, from dunes to cliffs, and is home to various bird species, making it a vibrant route for aerial enthusiasts.

8. Simonside Hills:

Located near Rothbury, these hills are rich in Bronze Age history, with burial cairns and ancient carvings. The panoramic views of Coquetdale are a pilot's delight.

9. Warkworth Castle:

Overlooking the River Coquet, this 12th-century castle ruin, with its Norman keep, offers a glimpse into Northumberland's medieval past from a unique aerial perspective.

10. Farne Islands:

A cluster of islands off the Northumberland coast, they're a sanctuary for seabirds and seals. The juxtaposition of rugged islands amidst the vast sea is a sight to cherish from the skies.

Northumberland's aerial routes are not just about scenic beauty; they're a journey through time, narrating tales of ancient civilizations, medieval battles, and nature's marvels. Each flight over this land is an exploration, a story, and an adventure waiting to unfold. At Athey's Moor Flying School, we're privileged to share these vistas with you, one flight at a time.

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