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Uncover the Skies Above Northumberland

Welcome to the Official Atheys Moor Flying School Blog!

Dive into our inaugural blog post as we unveil what's in store for readers at the Atheys Moor Flying School Blog. From behind-the-scenes glimpses and student spotlights to the rich tales of Northumberland and our thrilling adventures, embark on a journey that celebrates flying and the beauty of our region.

A birds eye view of northumberland on a flying experience
Discover Northumberland from the Air!

Hello, aviation enthusiasts, Northumberland lovers, and curious readers!

We're thrilled to launch the official blog of Atheys Moor Flying School. Whether you're a seasoned pilot, someone who's just caught the flying bug, or simply someone who loves a good story, you've landed in the right place.

Northumberland, with its rich history, stunning coastlines, majestic Cheviots, and iconic castles, has always been a place of wonder. And what better way to experience its beauty than from the skies? At Atheys Moor, we don't just teach flying; we share the magic of Northumberland from a bird's-eye view.

So, what can you expect from our NORTHUMBERLAND blog?

Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses: Ever wondered what goes on in a day at a flying school? From pre-flight checks to the camaraderie in the hangars, we'll give you a front-row seat to our operations.

Student Spotlights: Our students are the heart of Atheys Moor. We'll share their journeys, from the first time they took the controls to the moment they earned their wings.

Northumberland Chronicles: Dive deep into the history, attractions, and tales of our beloved region. Discover the stories that make our home so special.

Adventures Journal: Join us as we document our cross-country flights, special events, and unique experiences. From challenges to celebrations, we'll share it all.

Instructor Insights: Tips, tricks, and tales from our seasoned instructors. Whether you're a student or just someone interested in flying, there's wisdom to be gleaned.

We're not just about flying; we're about community, history, and the shared passion for the skies. We hope this blog becomes a place of learning, sharing, and connecting.

So, buckle up and get ready for a journey like no other. The skies above Northumberland are calling, and we can't wait to share every moment with you.

Blue skies and tailwinds,

The Atheys Moor Flying School Team

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