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Unleash your inner aviator with a 1-hour flying lesson at Atheys Moor Flying School. Nestled in the heart of Northumberland, our school offers a blend of professional instruction, modern aircraft, and the raw beauty of the skies.


Begin your journey on solid ground with a detailed briefing on the aircraft and flight dynamics. Our seasoned instructors ensure you're well-versed with the essentials before you even leave the ground.


Once airborne, the real magic begins. Under the watchful eye of our experts, you'll take the controls, feeling the exhilaration of piloting an aircraft. As you navigate, the stunning landscapes of Northumberland unfurl beneath you, from rolling hills to shimmering coastlines.


This lesson isn't just about the thrill; it's a hands-on learning experience. Grasp the basics of flight maneuvers, navigation, and even emergency protocols. Whether you're a novice aiming for the skies or a seasoned flyer looking to brush up on skills, our tailored approach ensures you get the most out of your hour.


Safety is our compass at Atheys Moor. We champion rigorous safety standards, ensuring every flight is a blend of thrill and utmost security.


After your initial foray into the skies, you might be considering a deeper dive into the world of aviation. For those keen on piloting lighter aircraft and microlights, the National Private Pilot's License (NPPL) is an excellent choice. At Atheys Moor Flying School, we provide tailored training to help you secure your NPPL. To achieve this license, students are typically required to complete at least 25 hours of flight training. This includes a minimum of 15 hours of dual instruction and 10 hours of solo flight time. Additionally, there's a theoretical component, with exams covering various aviation topics. Our seasoned instructors will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet these requirements. With an NPPL, you're set to explore the skies with a newfound freedom and confidence.


Why just dream about flying when you can pilot an aircraft? Dive into the world of aviation with Atheys Moor Flying School. Reach out to us, and let's chart your course to the clouds.

1 Hour Flying Lesson

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