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Double the time, double the wonder! Dive deep into Northumberland's beauty with a 2-hour flight experience at Athey's Moor Flying School. From the majestic Cheviots to the shimmering coastline and the sentinel castles, this extended flight offers an unparalleled view of Northumberland's treasures.


Perfect for the true adventurer at heart, our 2-hour flight is a comprehensive journey through Northumberland's diverse and captivating landscapes. With the guidance of our seasoned instructors, you'll have ample time to explore, learn, and even pilot the aircraft over some of the UK's most iconic landmarks.


Your aerial escapade commences with a thorough introduction to the aircraft and essential flight protocols. As you take to the skies, Northumberland's grandeur reveals itself in all its glory. Glide over the rugged terrains of the Cheviots, follow the winding coastline, and circle around the historic castles that dot the landscape, each with its own tale to tell.


Throughout this extended flight, our instructor will share fascinating insights about Northumberland's heritage, geology, and landmarks. And here's the best part: with the extended duration, you'll have more opportunities to take the controls, truly immersing yourself in the art of flying!


Key Features:

  • Comprehensive 2-hour flight, covering Northumberland's Cheviots, coast, and castles in detail.
  • Expert guidance from our dedicated flight instructors.
  • Extended time to learn and practice flight maneuvers.
  • Perfect for those wanting a deeper, more immersive flying experience.



  • Detailed pre-flight briefing and safety overview.
  • Hands-on flying experience, with ample opportunities to pilot the aircraft.


Dress comfortably, preferably in layers, and wear closed-toe shoes. Don't forget your camera; with double the time, you'll have double the opportunities to capture Northumberland's splendors from the skies!


Book Now:
Our 2-hour flights are a favorite among enthusiasts, offering an in-depth aerial exploration of Northumberland. Secure your spot and elevate your adventure with Athey's Moor Flying School.

2 Hour Flying Experience

  • We have a flexible refund and return policy, we understand that circumstances can change - especially when it comes to the weather in the North East - as your booking approaches we will make sure we keep you updated on any considerations ahead of time, we would ask that you do the same.

    We aim to ensure our customers that can buy with confidence.

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