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Discover Northumberland from the skies

Situated in the picturesque heart of Northumberland, Athey's Moor Flying School offers more than just flying lessons; it's an invitation to experience the skies like never before. Just a stone's throw from Longframlington and a brief 40-minute drive from Newcastle and Gateshead, our airfield is surrounded by Northumberland's iconic beaches, historic castles, and the majestic Cheviot Hills.

While we pride ourselves on top-tier aviation instruction, it's our experience flights that truly set us apart. Whether you're looking to glide over Northumberland's breathtaking landscapes, feel the adrenaline rush of an aerobatic adventure, or take the controls yourself in a trial flying lesson, we have the perfect skyward experience tailored for you.

Safety and quality are at the heart of every flight. Our aircraft undergo rigorous maintenance, and our seasoned instructors ensure every journey is both thrilling and secure. Ready for an unforgettable aerial adventure? Let Athey's Moor elevate your experience.

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